Notified Body No. 1384 to Government Regulation No. 122/2016 Coll. on the assessment of lifts.

Authorized Body AO 251 to Government Regulation No.176/2008 Coll. on the Assessment of Mining Locomotives and Braking Vehicles.

Testing and certification of products in the field of machines, machinery, flammable materials. Calibration of gauges in the field of length and plane angle measurement. Training and education in the field of occupational health and safety. Inspection and assessment of lifting devices and lifts.

Who we are

TECHNICKÉ LABORATOŘE OPAVA, akciová společnost (TLO, a.s.) is the largest European independent testing and certification organization in the field of mining machinery, an important calibration laboratory, an inspection body and a training centre. The company was founded in 2000.

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What we do

TLO a.s. tests and assesses machinery and products for the mining industry, calibrates length and angle gauges and performs servicing and repairs of gauges produced by TESA and other manufacturers. TLO a.s. has been accredited as a certification body for products intended for mining machinery and hydraulics. The training centre offers training programs to obtain the necessary authorization for the activities of a revision technician, operator of equipment, personnel in the field of OHS, lifting, gas and pressure devices. The inspection body inspects new and operated lifting devices and lifts, assesses machines, technical equipment, machinery and tools for safety requirements.

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Our partners

TLO a.s. closely cooperates with domestic and foreign partners. Among other things, it is an accredited service partner of the Swiss gauge manufacturer TESA SA, cooperates with LEIMBERGEROVÁ s.r.o., and also actively cooperates with partners on the Slovak or Polish markets.

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Range of services offered


The testing laboratory specializes in tests of mine supports and hydraulics, performs tests of machines, hydraulics and defectoscopy of materials and ropes, including tests of mechanical properties of materials.


The calibration laboratory performs calibration of length and angle gauges to the extent specified in the Appendix to the certificate of accreditation. We also perform accurate control measurements on Nikon and Werth 3D machines.


The certification body for products is accredited for machinery and equipment for mining, tunnelling, transporting, earthwork, underground work, hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms, plastic products, ropes… Certification of persons – Occupational health and safety and risk prevention specialist, motor truck operator instructor and examiner, OHS trainer…

Repairs and service

The only TESA certified service centre for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. We provide full service of instruments incl. adjustments, settings, and correction settings. We produce dedicated special measuring devices.

Training Centre

The training centre is accredited by the MLSA (The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs). It offers training programs to obtain the necessary authorization for the activities of a revision technician, operator of equipment, personnel in the field of OHS, and many more.


The inspection body performs:

  • compliance assessment and inspection of lifts and their safety components pursuant to Act No. 90/2016 and Government Regulation No. 122/2016 Coll., and inspection of the lifting equipment used, and inspection of lifts and structures used as part of the lifting equipment.
  • assessment of machines, technical equipment, instruments and tools in terms of requirements for safe operation, risk analysis of machinery and pressure equipment, processing of operating instructions…

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Our partners


Swiss gauge manufacturer


Seller of TESA gauges

TEST S.p.z o.o.

Notified Body in the field of mining machinery

ATG s.r.o.

Training and NDT tests

TSU Piešťany

EMC and machine approval