Certification body for products no. 3101

The certification body for product has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 for machines and machinery for mining, tunnelling, transporting and underground work, machinery for earthwork, for material handling, for hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms, for flammable liquids, for plastic products, for textile and steel ropes, and for binding devices.


Extract from the database of the Czech Accreditation Institute
Certification body no. 3101 – https://www.cai.cz/OA/pdf/P109_2021_EN.pdf appendix containing the certificate and the subject of accreditation. We will send you the list of products that we assess on request.


Certificate of Accreditation
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On November 11, 2009, the Office for Technical Standardization, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ) granted our company authorization pursuant to Government Regulation 176/2008 Coll. for assessing the compliance of machinery on rails in the underground: locomotives and braking vehicles.

For certification, the certification body uses the results of tests carried out in its own accredited Testing Laboratory no. 1322 and in contractual laboratories that are also accredited. In addition to the test results, the certification body also uses the results of its own documentation and product inspections in accordance with the certification procedure that is processed for each product type.


Application for certification

Certification is carried out based on the application for certification. The form is available from the certification body and is sent to the customer by the certification body upon request. The result of the certification procedure is handed over to the customer in the form of a test report, an evaluation report and a certificate.

If you are interested in certifying your product, we provide the APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION form, which must be downloaded and saved on your disc. This document is created in MS Word 2000. Complete the document and send it back to the following e-mail address: info@tlo.cz. If you do not want to download the form or there is a problem preventing its download, please contact us personally.

The list of the certificates issued and information on the validity of the relevant certificate will be provided upon request.


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Other activities

Approval of limestone dusts for dusting mine workings and for the construction of explosion-proof closures

  • TECHNICKÉ LABORATOŘE OPAVA, akciová společnost, approves limestone dusts for dusting mine workings and for the construction of explosion-proof closures in terms of their use underground and appoints the following expert for conducting the necessary tests:
    Ing. Hana Věžníková

Assessment of plastics for the use in underground mines

  • TECHNICKÉ LABORATOŘE OPAVA, akciová společnost, assesses the plastics to be used in underground mines and, for their approval from the fire technical perspective, for the preparation of expert opinions and for conducting the necessary tests in the above mentioned joint stock company, the following expert is appointed:
    Ing. Hana Věžníková