Service of calipers

The Department of Gauge Service corrects all gauges based on spare parts availability. It includes a certified service of measuring instruments and height gauges manufactured by TESA (representation for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland). We provide full service of instruments, including adjustments, settings, and correction settings. Of course, we will carry out an accredited calibration for each instrument.



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We perform

Repairs of TESA gauges

  • Complete service of gauges
  • Replacements of irreparable products
  • Warranty repairs – handling warranty cases in cooperation with the TESA distributor who the product was purchased from
  • Technical support and sale of spare parts
  • Adjustments, settings, and correction settings
  • Calibration along with producing an accredited calibration certificate
  • Training performed on TESA products
  • Consultancy on TESA products

Repairs of gauges produced by other manufacturers

  • We repair of gauges produced by other manufacturers as well, for instance Somet, Mitutoyo…
  • Repairs of gauges and measuring instruments found outside the calibration state are only performed when it is profitable and if there is no other agreement with the customer.

Production and reconstruction

  • Finishing operations in production (grinding, lapping)
  • Reconstruction of dedicated gauges during production changes
  • Production of dedicated gauges and their components

Marking and descriptions of gauges

  • Permanent inscription of identification numbers, signs or QR codes to metallic materials, aluminium and its alloys, stainless steels, silver, plastic, stone and leather using precision fibre laser.