Accredited testing laboratory no. 1322

The testing laboratory has been accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute according to ČSN EN ISO IEC 17025. Upon agreement with the customer, the testing laboratory is capable of performing any tests of machine parts as well as entire machines and hydraulics. We check welds using NDT and perform material tests.

Extract from the database of the Czech Accreditation Institute
Testing laboratory no. 1322 – appendix containing the certificate and the subject of accreditation. We will send you the list of products that we test and the price list of accredited tests on request.

Test of powered roof support
Test of hydraulic components
Test of hydraulic legs and cylinders
and climatic tests
Measuring workplaces (load tests)
Non-destructive defectoscopy of materials and welds
of constructions
Tests of mechanical properties of materials
Tests according to customer requirements
of tests
Solar simulation



Certificate of Accreditation
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