Corrosion and climatic test station:

  • corrosion tests (tests in salt spray – NSS, ASS, CASS, cyclic corrosion tests, condensation tests)
  • climatic tests (cold, dry and humid heat, temperature change, humidity)


The test laboratory is equipped with three Ascott corrosion chambers and one CTS climate chamber.

We have extended accreditation with, for example, standards:

LV 124

ČSN EN 60068-2-x


PV 1200;

PV 1209;

PV 1210;

PV 2005; variant A

ČSN EN ISO 11997-1

and more

During or at the end of these tests, we are able to evaluate:

  • change of appearance and change of surface treatments, eg according to standards ČSN EN ISO 4628-1 to ČSN EN ISO 4628-6.
  • determination of coating thickness and their possible loss – ČSN EN ISO 2808, ČSN EN ISO 2178


The complete scope of accreditation can be found at:


Climatic and corrosion tests
Manager: Ing. Vít Hendrych
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