The testing plant of defectoscopy of steel ropes of ski lifts and other cable cars is part of the accredited testing laboratory and carries out defectoscopic inspection of transport, load-carrying, braking ropes of cableways and towing ropes of ski lifts up to 50 mm in diameter using the magnetoinductive method.

The tests are carried out on modern instruments enabling measurement of local damage as well as measurement of changes in the metal cross-section of steel ropes. The results are evaluated in accordance with the valid standards by a certified person with 20 years of experience in the field.

To cable transport operators, we also offer, for example, inspection of the attachment of cableway seats, inspection of the condition of the structures, inspection of the battery pins and inspection of the shafts of the cable reels using the ultrasonic or magnetic methods.



Testing laboratory of defectoscopy of steel ropes of ski lifts
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