The testing plant of hydraulics is a specialized workplace of the accredited testing laboratory and carries out laboratory tests of hydraulic elements, tests of linear hydraulic motors, hydraulic distributions, hydraulic hoses of low, medium and high pressure including dynamic tests, dynamic tests of hydraulic legs and cylinders in connection with shock valves for oil and emulsion liquids. The testing laboratory is equipped with test stations for testing emulsion and oil hydraulics, including dynamic tests.



Testing laboratory of hydraulics
Manager: Jan Dastig
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Emulsion hydraulics

  • static pressure testing pmax = 200 MPa (tightness, strength), dynamic pressure pmax = 100 MPa
  • flow characteristic measurement with a graphical record: p = f (Q), for Q = 0 – 2800 l/min. and a working pressure of 70 MPa
  • reliability with an automatic cycling system for 2 to 16 operations


The testing plant carries out dynamic measurements in hydraulic circuits. It locates formation of pressure peaks and vibrations.