The testing plant of steel structures is part of the accredited testing laboratory. Special and dynamic tests, fatigue tests of structures and their parts can be carried out using a special loading device. The real operating load is simulated using a hydraulic loading system. We have the option of installing strain gauges on test specimens and their recording during the tests.

Steel structure load system of 1.2 MN – specifications:

  • Maximum tensile – compressive load Fmax = 1,2 MN (dynamically max. 80%)
  • Maximum load frequency f = 7 Hz
  • Possibility to define any load curve in xls format
  • Cylinder stroke up to 300 mm
  • Maximum data writing speed of 1 kHz
  • Possibility to record test force, cylinder path and other 16 different measurable quantities (path, tilt, temperature and strain gauges).
  • Maximum dimensions of the structure under test: width 3,5 m, height 2,5 m, depth 4,5 m, (in case of a requirement for testing larger structures, this tester can be moved to testing device CDZ 2500 where we can test structures of up to 8 x 4 x 6,5 m)



Testing plant of steel structures
Manager: Tomáš Havliš
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The testing plant is equipped with the following devices